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Welcome to Canoa Estates II

We're glad you found us, and we hope you take time to check us out. There are many HOAs in beautiful Green Valley, Arizona, so it can get very confusing. We're not Canoa Seca, Canoa Townhomes, Canoa Vistas or even Canoa Estates.

We're Canoa Estates II, which means, just like Avis, we try harder. We're small in numbers, only 124 homes, but large in enthusiasm and attitude about our neighborhood.

There are probably three groups who would most likely be visiting our site, and we want to welcome each of you and answer your questions about CE2.
Our Homeowners!

Welcome to our new site! Yes, we've been a little slow to jump on the website bandwagon, but we're here now and we want to make it the best site possible for HOA information. Our goal is to promote better communication. This labor of love was created for you, and our site won't succeed without you! As you become familiar with the site, you'll find areas where you can send information, articles and suggestions for improvement (be gentle though, we're sensitive). Contact us today to find out how to get involved with this fun project. Now's your chance to volunteer. 2gether we can make CE2 even better!
Neighboring HOAs!

Welcome to Canoa Estates II, and thank you for visiting our site. While we're very proud of CE2, we would love to get to know our surrounding neighbors better. Just this year we worked with Canoa Vistas on the Median Green project, which was very rewarding. Not only did we improve the looks of a stretch of Camino del Sol, we also got to know our "extended" neighbors! Reach out to us any time; we would love to do more projects or charity events with our surrounding neighbors. Do you have any good information you would like to share with us? Pass it on, and we'll post it for our Canoa Estate II homeowners.
Movers to GV!

Check us out! You can find us just south of the Canoa Hills driving range, on the west side of Camino del Sol. Our entrance is next to the Canoa Recreation Center. How convenient is that? You can walk to the pool, exercise room, and there is always a calendar full of enriching classes. Did you know Green Valley has more than 300 days of sunshine? Don't tell the other HOAs you contact, but we believe CE2 has an extra 20 days of sunshine because we're in such a perfect location. Remember, we try harder! And wait until you see our view of the Santa Rita Mountains.